30 Rescuers Pull Man From Icy Lake in Southeast Iowa

DRAKESVILLE, Iowa - Nearly 30 people assisted in the rescue of a man who fell through ice on Lake Wapello in southeastern Iowa yesterday.

The man had been ice fishing alone and was packing up to leave when he fell through the ice about 150 yards from shore. A man on shore saw him in the lake and called 911.

The large number of first responders were able to rescue the man, who was taken to a local hospital.

His condition at this time, although he was conscious and alert when rescued.

Rescuers believe the ice was 4 to 5 inches in depth on Lake Wapello at the time of the rescue.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is warning of deteriorating ice conditions due to the recent unseasonably warm weather. The agency is reminding people to be aware of conditions and obey all posted signs and warning flags at lakes and ponds.

The first responders taking part in the man's rescue yesterday include: DNR Parks staff, DNR conservation officers, Davis County Sheriff’s Office, Bloomfield Fire Department, Floris Fire Department, Drakesville Fire Department and several EMS personnel.

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