Change Of Plans Regarding Releases From Gavins Point Dam

OMAHA, Nebraska - The US Army Corps of Engineers will decrease releases from Gavins Point Dam from 38,000 cubic feet per second to 35,000 cubic feet per second on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Last week’s plan to increase releases to 41,000 cubic feet per second stopped from 38,000 due to increased downstream runoff joining the Missouri River after Gavins Point Dam.

This runoff has contributed to downstream river stages with the potential to impact ongoing levee repairs. Reducing releases from Gavins Point Dam is aimed at taking the peak off the higher river stages.

“Releases are going to fluctuate frequently this year as part of our aggressive strategy to maintain as much flood control storage as possible for as long as possible. said John Remus, chief of the Corps’ Missouri River Basin Water Management Division. This will provide the greatest amount of flood risk reduction across the basin.

“Because we expect there to be frequent release changes, I encourage all interested parties to monitor National Weather Service river forecasts, Missouri River Water Management reports and set up weather alerts for the most up-to-date weather and river information,” said Remus.

The Corps' will release their monthly Missouri River upper basin runoff forecast on March 5th.

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