Cops Find Meth And Baby Squirrel In Woman's Purse During Traffic Stop

A routine traffic stop in Glenpool, Oklahoma, took a strange turn after officers discovered meth and a baby squirrel. Police said that Heidi Kolteryahn was sitting in the passenger's seat when the vehicle was pulled over for speeding.

Inside the car, officers found roughly one pound of methamphetamine along with scales and baggies. When they searched Kolteryahn's purse, they were shocked to find a baby squirrel along with a dropper of baby formula. She explained that she was caring for the squirrel after her son found it during a tree trimming job.

Officers took her into custody on charges possession of wildlife during a closed season. It is unclear if Kolteryahn or the driver of the car were cited for the drugs.

The squirrel was taken by the Oklahoma Game Warden and was brought to a state-certified rehabilitation agent.

Photo: Glenpool Police Department

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