Iowans on Grand Princess Looking to Get Back to State

Cruise Ship With 21 Coronavirus Patients On Board Docks In Oakland

OAKLAND, California - Twenty-two Iowans were on the Grand Princess cruise ship that's been docked in Oakland, California after 21 people aboard it tested positive for coronavirus.

Governor Kim Reynolds says 18 of those 22 will be sent back to the state on a charter flight.

Tuesday, passengers with no symptoms were taken off the ship and sent by bus to board flights to quarantine sites in Texas, Georgia and California.

Newton resident Tim Blount told WHO-TV that everyone on the bus was wearing a mask. "The people we met shoreside had full coverage face protection, and a lot of people around are in full hazmat, so they are all over it,” said Blount.

Blount and the other Iowans being quarantined will be able to take a charter flight back to the state once they've been screened.

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