Iowa House Sends Asbestos Lawsuit Bill to Governor Reynolds

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa legislature has passed a bill to require more detailed information before people could sue for damages over asbestos exposure.

It calls for those filing lawsuits to list sites they worked at, each asbestos-containing product they were exposed to, and the frequency of exposure to the product.

The bill passed the House Tuesday on a mostly party-line vote of 54-46, with all Republicans and one Democrat voting for it.

Supporters of the bill say will prevent lawyers from naming too businesses as defendants in a lawsuit. Opponents say current law already requires detailed information about asbestos exposure.

Many insurance companies and business groups, including the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, support the legislation. It was opposed by unions, trial lawyers and the Iowa State Bar Association.

The bill was approved by the state Senate two weeks ago, and will now go to Governor Reynolds for her signature after House passage.

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