Help For Iowans Left Unemployed By COVID-19

Iowans who have been laid off or are caring for a sick family member during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic can apply for state unemployment insurance benefits.

Workforce Development is waiving its requirement that people look for new employment while they're out of work or laid off.

If you apply, and your claim is approved, you can expect to receive a check in seven to ten days. "That's why it's so important to get your claim filed. Don't wait. Please go do it now," Ryan West, Deputy Director of Iowa Workforce Development told KWQC-TV 6. "The main thing is if you are laid off, or you're put in quarantine because of the COVID-19 virus, get your claim going. You don't want to delay because you may not get your claim backdated," West says.

Iowans are encouraged to use the website or call instead of coming into the office because more than ten people are not allowed inside the building at a time.

On the Iowa Workforce Development website, you can use either the individual claim or COVID-19 tab. "Traditionally we have about a 98, 99 percent online filing. So that's where most people go. In this odd time, we really want people to do that to keep them out of the office. To keep them away from other people, quite honestly. It's more of a public safety thing," West told KWQC-TV

Click here for more information on Iowa's process: Iowa Workforce Development

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