Iowa Internet Providers Say They're Taking Steps to Ensure Service

DES MOINES, Iowa - Internet service providers say they're taking steps to ensure service continues during the COVIS-19/coronavirus outbreak.

Providers including Mediacom and CenturyLink say there's an influx of traffic across their networks as more people work and go to school online during the pandemic.

In an email to customers, Mediacom said its networks are engineered to handle spikes and shifts in usage patterns.

It said its technicians are still going to customers' homes to install or repair essential services. The company also mentioned its safety and sanitization practices have been stepped up to meet CDC guidelines. Mediacom is instructing its technicians to attempt to complete installations and repairs from outside the home and enter customers' homes only when necessary.

Mediacom says its call centers are very busy in the call center because of additional demand for service. Its call center employees are working from home while its walk-in service centers still open.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has asked internet service providers to pledge not to disconnect service to residential or small business customers over failure to pay bills. The Keep Americans Connected Pledge also asks providers to waive any late fees and open their Wi-Fi hot-spots to any American who needs them.

Mediacom and CenturyLink say they're complying with the pledge.

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