Iowa WWII Veteran Celebrates 99th Birthday With Family Through Window

An Iowa World War Two veteran from Preston celebrated his 99th birthday Monday with his family. Due to COVID-19 restrictions Edward Trenkamp's wife and many of his children had to celebrate from a safe distance, through a window outside his care center in Maquoketa.

"We're celebrating my Dad's 99th birthday," Gary Trenkamp, Edward's son, told KWQC-TV 6. "We can't come in, but we sure had a good time at the window."

Edward served with three of his brothers in World War II before returning to Iowa and married the love of his life.

"He was in Southern France and walked all the way up through France he tells us," his son, Al told KWQC-TV 6. "Must have asked mom pretty fast, because he got home in December and they were married in February."

The couple have been married 74 years and have 11 children, 33 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.

"When we get together for Christmas, we rent a hall. And I can't believe they all belong to one family," Edward's wife Lillian says. "I guess we had a lot of help from God, and from family and friends."

The family is looking forward to a day when they can hug each other again. "It's hard on us, but it's really hard on him. He misses his family. He's a very family-oriented man," his daughter Elaine told KWQC-TV 6. "I can't tell you what an excellent dad he was. He is one of the best. Mom too. We were so lucky to be raised in this family."


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