Iowa ARL Gives Update on Burned Kittens

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Animal Rescue League says two kittens with severe burns are in its medical ward and may need more surgery to recover.

The two were among several 4-6 week old kittens rescued by Polk County Animal Control Officers Wednesday after being placed in a box and set on fire.

They brought the unharmed kittens to the ARL and the injured kittens to an after-hours emergency vet clinic.

The league says the severely injured kittens could take months to heal after suffering from burns over much of their bodies, including all four paws and their ears, noses and lips.

An investigation is underway.

Tuesday, the Animal Rescue League assisted Des Moines Police is helping a cat that had severe stab wounds. 21-year-old Rosemary Buelow has is charged with "Animal Torture" in that case.

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