Iowa Changes the Way it Figures COVID-19 Recovery Rate

STEAMBOAT ROCK, Iowa -- The state has has changed the way it figures the recovery rate for COVID-19.

It was confirming recoveries by calling people 10 days after a positive test, but wasn't always able to establish contact.

The state now classifies everyone who tests positive recovered after 28 days, the equal of two incubation periods, unless it receives word the person is hospitalized or still sick.

Governor Kim Reynolds says the new process more precisely reflects the actual recovery rate.

"We believe that this change more accurately reflects the number of Iowans recovered and will allow our case investigation team to have more time to assist Iowans who are newly diagnosed," Reynolds said.

Since implementation of the new procedure earlier this week, the state's recovery rate from COVID-19 immediately changed from 62% to 80%.

Governor Reynolds announced the change at a press conference Tuesday morning in Steamboat Rock.

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