Midwest economy shows signs of growth in June

OMAHA, Nebraska -- The Midwest economy is showing signs of recovery.

Creighton University's nine-state Mid-American Business Conditions Index was, on an scale of 0 to 100, at 50.3 in June--just over what's considered growth neutral.

Economist Ernie Goss says it's a marked increase from May's 43.5.

"This is good movement, but we're not even close to being back to pre- COVID-19 levels" he says.

Goss says the Index also shows companies surveyed say they could be bringing back workers who were laid-off during the COVID-19 pandemic

"Ninety-four percent say either no change, or they're bringing back furloughed workers, or some may be increasing hiring." he says.

Goss says real economic recovery in the Midwest will continued to be hampered until there's a COVID-19 vaccine.

The monthly Mid-American Business Conditions Index surveys business supply managers in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

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