Iowa Weekly Jobless Claims Spike, But Ongoing Claims Continue to Improve

DES MOINES, Iowa - New numbers from the U.S. Labor Department show a generally improving picture for Iowa's unemployment rate, but a spike in first time claims after the state's seen an increase COVID-19 cases.

First time jobless claims were up by a 2,966, from 7,732 to 10,698 in the most recent week.

But ongoing claims, which reflects the unemployment rate, are down significantly for the second week in a row. Continuing claims are down by 6,571 in the last week, following a drop of 9,293 in the previous week.

By comparison, ongoing claims peaked in the first week of May at 191,257.

Unemployment insurance benefit payments totaled $31,917,695.63 last week, down from $34,453,854.94 the week before.

The following industries had the most claims:

  • Manufacturing (3,448)
  • Industry Not Available - Self-employed, Independent Contractors, etc. (1,670)
  • Health Care & Social Assistance (833)
  • Accommodation & Food Services (586)
  • Retail Trade (519)

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