City of Waukee urging water conservation

WAUKEE, Iowa -- One of Iowa's fastest growing cities is asking for some water conservation.

The City of Waukee says lawn watering and other outdoor activities like the washing of cars is playing a big factor in a significant water usage increase by residents and businesses.

"Waukee purchases water as a wholesale customer from Des Moines Water Works, and we have a set amount we can take in a day. Two days this week we've exceeded that" says Waukee Public Works Director Rudy Koester.

He the city's asking everyone to cut their current lawn irrigation and other outdoor water use by 50 percent.

"If you can reduce your irrigation schedule by 50 percent that would be very helpful for the city has a whole to reduce our usage on a daily basis during this hot, dry period" Koester says.

He says the city's conservation plan calls for even-numbered addresses to water lawns on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and odd-numbered addresses to water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They're asking for no watering by anyone on Mondays.

Koester says the city's conservation plan is voluntary--for now.

"By no means are we at an enforcement level. But, the next stage or beyond certainly could be an enforcement" he says.

Koester says the City says it's also reducing water usage at it's own facilities by at least 50 percent.

He says the city monitors it's water use on a daily basis.

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