Black Lives Matter Drafts Felon Voting Rights Order for Gov Reynolds

DES MOINES, Iowa - Des Moines Black Lives Matter has drafted an executive order to restore voting rights to felons and wants Governor Kim Reynolds to sign it.

Reynolds has shown support for changing the law in the past, but hasn't signed anything into law yet.

The governor has said she wants to sign an order that will be a permanent solution. An executive order granting felon voting rights upon release was signed by Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack in 2005, but Republican Governor Terry Branstad rescinded the order in 2011.

Reynolds has made felon voting rights one of her top issues over the past two years.

Iowa is the only state in the U.S. that automatically denies felons a right to vote.

The order drafted by Black Lives Matter includes language calling for felon voting rights to be restored regardless of any outstanding debts to victims, a condition Reynolds has said she does not support.

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