Deadline Nears for Registering in State Approved Online Schools Districts

DES MOINES, Iowa - The deadline for open enrollment to an Iowa school district with an approved online program during the COVID-19 pandemic is Wednesday.

The legislature extended the deadline from March for children and families with health conditions.

Students in districts that have not said whether they'll offer remote learning can register with an approved district through Wednesday.

There are five state-approved districts, including Cedar Rapids, Clayton Ridge in eastern Iowa, Council Bluffs and Des Moines.

In addition, the CAM Community School District in western Iowa near the town of Anita has a state-approved online program.

A child is eligible for open enrollment if the child, the child's caretaker, or another resident of the child's residence has a significant health condition that may increase the risk of COVID-19.

District around the state are now grappling over whether to have online or in-person learning when classes return in August. Many are waiting until early August finalize plans because of uncertainly over the pandemic, which has brought a recent spike in COVID-19 cases to Iowa.

Find out more about Iowa's open enrollment program here, and access open enrollment forms here.

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