Jefferson City Council Considers Euthanasia of Feral Cats

JEFFERSON, Iowa -- The Jefferson City Council is considering revising an ordinance that would allow for euthanasia of feral cats caught in traps.

The proposed ordinance would allow residents who catch a feral cat to do with the cat as they see fit, including killing it humanely or taking it out of town.

If a cat is caught in a trap supplied by the city, residents must check to see if the cat is micro-chipped. If not, they are allowed to kill it or remove it from town.

Police Officers will check traps twice per day, and cats with microchips or ear notches will be logged by officers. If the owners cannot be contacted the first time, officers are allowed to humanely kill the cat.

Jefferson has faced problems with feral cat populations before. In April 2018, the city implemented a policy of trapping, neutering, and releasing feral cats. The city said it would review that policy after a year and a half.

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