Iowa's Jobless Claims Inch Up

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DES MOINES, Iowa - New numbers from the U.S. Labor Department show jobless claims in Iowa inching up slightly.

First time jobless claims were up by a 1,167, from 9.957 to 11,125 in the most recent week, a jump of roughly 10 percent. The weekly claims have moved up and down by similar margins in recent weeks.

Ongoing claims, which reflects the actual unemployment rate, are up for the first time in three weeks. Continuing claims are up by 2,821 in the last week, from 134,215 in the previous week to 137,036 is the latest week, a jump of 2 percent.

By comparison, ongoing claims peaked in the first week of May at 191,257. The current numbers show a drop of nearly 30 percent from the high mark.

Unemployment insurance benefit payments totaled $33,351,310.81 in the last week, up from $31,917,695.63 in the prior week.

The following industries had the most claims:

  • Manufacturing (4,471)
  • Industry Not Available - Self-employed, Independent Contractors, etc. (1,128)
  • Health Care & Social Assistance (793)
  • Accommodation & Food Services (661)
  • Construction (564)

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