Test Iowa Program Downsized in Dubuque County As Cases Rise

Cotton swab and test tube for Coronavirus test (COVID-19)), macro image of medical equipment in hands of healthcare professional

DUBUQUE, Iowa - The TestIowa program is downsizing operations in one location.

The Dubuque County site will be limited to 100 COVID-19 tests per day and will be open only four day a week. The site had been testing up to 550 people per day.

Governor Kim Reynolds office says the move is meant “to ensure their process is in line with others across the state," and maintain consistency and high quality performance of testing.

A spokesperson for Reynolds called the change is temporary, and said the Dubuque site was asked to curb its operations at a time when demand for testing is increasing.

The reduction comes as the number of cases has been rising in the county.

Democratic U.S. Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer, who represents Dubuque County has sent a letter to Governor Reynolds expressing concern and asking for for more information about the testing reduction.

"This month, Dubuque County has seen its most staggering case counts of the entire pandemic, and one of the highest days was just last Thursday,” said Finkenauer wrote in the letter. “Now is not the time to be ramping testing down anywhere in our state — in fact, testing is needed now more than ever to identify and contain the spread of the virus."

TestIowa was implemented by Governor Reynolds in April. She awarded a $26 million, no-bid contract to Utah companies to oversee the program. Residents are required to take an online assessment before making appointments for drive-up testing.

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