Wartburg College offers students tuition-free fifth year

WAVERLY, Iowa -- Wartburg College is making all full-time students enrolled this school year eligible for a tuition-free fifth year.

College President Darrel Colson says the offer was extended to ensure students at the Waverly, Iowa effected by the COVID-19 pandemic get the full Wartburg experience.

“At Wartburg, we take pride in our holistic approach to education; we offer a rigorous academic program with an emphasis on living one’s learning,” Colson said.

“Because the pandemic has interrupted so many of our normal activities, we want to ensure that our graduates receive the full benefit of a Wartburg education. Offering free tuition for a fifth year seems to fit the bill; students can return for another semester or year to complete any activity they feel as if they left unfinished” he says.

Wartburg says while the college plans to resume in-person classes in late August, campus life will be effected as students, faculty and staff work to keep the campus and Waverly communities safe.

Like most colleges and universities across the country, Wartburg went to remote learning, canceling all spring athletic events, concerts and other gatherings on campus as the coronavirus began to spread worldwide in mid-March.

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