Iowa's income tax filing deadline is fast approaching

Tax Time

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The clock is ticking for Iowa taxpayers who haven't filed their income tax returns.

They have until midnight Friday.

"The best option if they can't meet the deadline is to let us know by going to, finding the phone number and calling one of our representatives and let them know the situation" says Iowa Department of Revenue's John Fuller.

He says the state of Iowa doesn't give filing extensions.

"If they can't file on time, they at least need to pay 90 percent of what they think they'll owe based on last year's return. If they're in a situation where they cannot pay, they may want to contact our office" Fuller says.

Fuller says many people filed state returns at the same time they filed with the federal government before the July 15th deadline.

"I think it's sort of easier and natural for people just to get them done at the same time" he says.

Fuller says the Revenue Department's still meeting it's goal of paying out refunds within month from when people file their returns.

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