State Lawmaker, BLM Pressure Gov Reynolds on Felon Voting Rights Order

DES MOINES, Iowa - At least one state lawmaker is criticizing Governor Kim Reynolds for not yet signing an executive order to restore felon voting rights.

Reynolds said she would do so before November's election, but Democratic State Representative Ras Smith of Waterloo isn't happy with the lack of action so far.

Smith tweeted Wednesday night, "it’s undeniable that @IAGovernor doesn’t really care to have 60,000 Iowans participate in this general election."

The group Black Lives Matter Des Moines has also been vocal in recent days in calling for the executive order from Reynolds.

The governor has said she's working on language in the order that would preserve it from being rescinded by future governors.

Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack in signed an order restoring felon voting rights in 2005, which was later reversed by Republican Governor Terry Branstad.

Iowa is the only state in the country that bans all felons from voting unless they apply individually to the governor's office to have their rights restored.

The attention on the executive order comes as the November election is now less than 100 days away.

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