Vandals Paint Graffiti Along Popular Central Iowa Bike Trail

BOONE County, Iowa - The public is being asked to help find people who vandalized a popular bike trail north of Des Moines.

The vandals painted graffiti on the Big Creek Bridge along the path of the High Trestle Trail. The words "I'm too scared to write under" were painted on the bridge deck, with red paint having been dripped and poured on the trail for almost a mile to the east toward the town of Madrid.

Workers at the Boone County Conservation Board, which maintains the trail, think the vandalism took place overnight Thursday morning. They think the vandals might have red stains on their hands, skin and shoes.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call the Boone County Park Ranger at 515-230-9093.

The High Trestle Trail is a “rail trail,” or a decommissioned railroad line that has been converted into a multi-use trail. It runs for 25 miles through five towns in four counties in central Iowa.

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