Iowa Jobless Claims Show Steady Improvement For 8th Straight Week

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DES MOINES, Iowa - New weekly jobless numbers for Iowa show a continuing positive trend.

Ongoing claims, which reflects the state's actual unemployment rate, are down for the 8th week in a row.

Ongoing claims are down 5.5 percent from the week before, and are down 62 percent since peaking in early May.

Overall unemployment is still at a historic high, 8.0 percent for the state, but the new numbers show a continuing positive trend

First time jobless claims also dropped in Iowa, according figures released Thursday morning by the U.S. Labor Department.

By the numbers, continuing claims are down by 4,233 in the last week, from 75,877 in the previous week to 71,644 in the latest week.

By comparison, ongoing claims peaked in the first week of May at 191,257. The current numbers show a drop of 62 percent from the high mark.

First time claims are down slightly, from 5,914 to 5,689 in the most recent week, a drop of 225.

Unemployment insurance benefit payments totaled $20,169,684.43 for the last week.

The industries with the most jobless claims in the last week are listed below:

  • Manufacturing (1,311)
  • Self-employed, Independent Contractors, etc. (682)
  • Accommodation & Food Services (565)
  • Health Care & Social Assistance (490)
  • Construction (385)

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