Story County Still Considering a Mask Order

AMES, Iowa - A mask order is still being considered in Story County.

The Ames Tribune reports county supervisors have removed fines from a proposed mask order until Governor Kim Reynolds authorizes the penalties.

The proposal now goes to the Story County Board of Health which originally suggested the fines.

The fines were to range from $65 to $650, depending on the number of violations.

The state has said local communities don't have legal authority to require people to wear masks.

Story County is one of several municipalities in Iowa to deal with a local mask order.

The city of Waukee announced a face covering order that takes effect Friday.That mandate carries a $15 fine for a violation, although police have been told to first offer a face covering to people not wearing one.

Des Moines has had a mask order in place since late August which does not carry penalties.

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