Drivers beware: Combines are rolling in Iowa

(Ames, IA) -- Drivers in rural Iowa will notice harvest is beginning. Dr. Charles Schwab of Iowa State University's Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering has several safety reminders for drivers and farmers.

He notes both farm equipment operators and drivers have a shared responsibility and must be especially careful about passing slow moving equipment. He says those driving in rural Iowa right now need to be patient, be prepared to stop, and allow extra time for travel.

Schwab has several reminders for farmers. He says farmers must ensure safety guards on equipment are in place and working properly, they should communicate with others about where and what they will be doing, and keep hydrated, nourished and alert. He also urges farmers to use a tractor with a rollover protective structure.

Schwab says people with years of experience have found themselves at the wrong end of a poor decision, and it only takes one poor decision that can lead to a life-altering or fatal injury.

Schwab also notes while there's been good progress, spreading the word about grain entrapments, the danger certainly still exists, and complacency is always a concern.

The U.S. Department of Labor lists farming and ranching as the 7th most dangerous occupation in the country.

The most common fatal accidents in agriculture are related to transportation.

In 2019, there were 257-fatal injuries, and 280-non-fatal injuries.

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