Warm, dry weather week for Iowa

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- It's going to be a warn, dry week all across Iowa.

"Throughout the rest of the week temperatures will steadily climb. Come Saturday, we'll be looking at temperatures likely in the lower 80's south of Highway 20. Areas to the north of Highway 20 will be in the upper 70's" says National Weather Service Meteorologist Alex Krull.

He says Iowa is in a transitional time of year with an active jet stream.

"It will start to meander and it times will go really far south which helps to bring in the colder air from Canada, as happened last week. It will occasionally will back up north, which allows warm air from the Gulf of Mexico to come back up and warm us up" Krull says.

Krull says it's also going to be dry--our next best chance of rain is next Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Image from the National Weather Service--Johnston, Iowa

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