Dry weather good for Iowa's grape crop

(Undated) -- Iowa's dry weather this growing season is expected to be beneficial for one crop, grapes. Nicole Eilers of the Iowa Winegrowers Association says grapes that are more dry, tend to have more concentrated flavor.

The grape harvest in Iowa is now mostly complete. "We're looking at a really fantastic year," said Eilers. There are roughly 275 vineyards, growing approximately 13-hundred acres of (cold-weather variety) grapes throughout the state. Iowa has nearly 100 wineries.

Iowa wineries not only produce wine, many try to capitalize on agritourism, by offering tasting rooms and tours. COVID-19 has altered some of those operations this year. The latest COVID-19 proclamation, however, has allowed wineries, breweries, and distilleries to re-open.

(Photos from Nicole Eilers, Iowa Winegrowers Association)

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