Iowa Judge Blocks SOS from Barring Pre-filled Ballot Request Forms

IOWA - A judge is blocking Iowa from enforcing an absentee ballot policy.

Secretary of State Paul Pate has barred county auditors from mailing pre-filled absentee ballot request forms to Iowa voters.

The Judge's Monday ruling temporarily blocks Pate's order.

The Des Moines Register reports county auditors are now trying to figure out if they can sent out ballots to voters whose requests were previously nullified by Pate's order.

Last month, the Trump campaign and Republican Party groups successfully sued three Iowa county auditors who had sent out the pre-filled forms, arguing they did so in violation of Pate's order.

The Monday ruling sides with Democrats, who sued Pate over the order in August. It comes as early voting is already taking place in Iowa, and absentee ballots have been sent to voters.

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