Iowa Derecho Listed the Worst Thunderstorm Disaster in U.S. History

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The derecho storm in Iowa from this summer is the most expensive thunderstorm disaster in U.S. history.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is estimating total damage valued at $7.5 billion. That's more expensive than nine of this year's record ten hurricanes that have hit the U.S.

While the derecho is listed as the fourth most expensive severe storm since 1980, it's the highest listed that did not involve tornadoes.

The next most costly event that didn't involve tornadoes was a series of storms that mostly hit Colorado, Illinois and Pennsylvania in 2014, which comparatively costed around $4.1 billion.

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Credit: A series of snapshots of the progression of the derecho storm across Iowa on August 10, 2020. Radar graphic from National Weather Service-Chicago, Ill./National Climatic Data Center

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