Iowa Has 10th Highest COVID-19 Positivity Rate in U.S.

Inscription COVID-19 on blue background with red abstract virus strain model

IOWA - Iowa now has the 10th highest COVID-19 positivity rate in the country, which is down several notches from recent weeks.

The state's virus website shows a high level of hospitalizations in the last 24-hours (480), and a high mark for nursing home outbreaks (64).

There are also 16 counties with positivity rates high enough to close off schools' from in-person classes.

Iowa recorded its second-highest number of COVID-19 positive cases Saturday (1,544).

Neighboring Wisconsin and Nebraska have the 4th and 5th highest positivity rates, while South Dakota has the 2nd highest.

A number of rural counties in Iowa are currently experiencing bigger spikes in COVID-19. The state's positivity rate is 11.9 percent as of early Monday morning.

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