Attorney for Former UI Football Players Standing By Demands

IOWA CITY, Iowa - The attorney representing eight former University of Iowa football players is standing by demands for money and coach firings.

Monday night, Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons said the school is willing to pay known multi-millionaire racist coaches, but is refusing to pay victims of racism.

The school Sunday rejected the players' demand for $20 million and the firing of coach Kirk Ferentz, assistant Brian Ferentz and Athletic Director Gary Barta.

The attorney says the players tried to privately negotiate with the school, but the school then released their confidential letter to the public in an effort to shame and intimidate them.

"In response, it appears Iowa released our confidential letter to the media with the sole intention of trying to shame and intimidate our courageous clients," said Solomon-Simmons in a statement Monday. "It did not work. In fact, Iowa’s move has not only strengthened the resolve of our clients to continue to stand up for their rights and the rights of their teammates."

Solomon-Simmons says he's still awaiting word from the school before moving forward with a lawsuit.

The original letter from the eight former players claims head coach Bruce Ferentz had knowledge of racism within the program, and that his son, assistant coach Brian Ferentz, discriminated and harassed African-American football athletes daily.

The letter says coaches made comments to the athletes such as “only a (expletive) Black player would do it like that,” “this (n-word), this (n-word), this (n-word),” and “go back to the ghetto.”

The players want $10 million for themselves and $10 million to establish a fund for other players accusing the football program of discrimination.

Back in June, assistant coach Chris Doyle left the Iowa football program over accusations of racial bias. He received $1.1 million in his exit package.

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