Iowa Supreme Court Sides With Trump Campaign on Absentee Ballots

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa Supreme Court is siding with President Trump's campaign in a lawsuit over absentee ballots.

The court has upheld a new law barring counties from mailing absentee ballots to people who left-out information on their applications.

The Trump administration sued several counties after auditors used databases to fill-in the missing information.

The ruling means people who'd left left-out the information will have to complete new absentee ballot request forms by Saturday's deadline.

The court's Wednesday decision came from litigation filed by League of Latin American Citizens, which sought to block the new Republican law from going into effect. LULAC argued the law made it harder for people to vote.

Auditors were previously allowed to correct missing information by using voting databases.

The new law, passed by Republican state lawmakers in June, requires them to contact voters by email, phone or mail to correct the missing data.

Some auditors complained the new procedure would add days to the process of voting by mail during the pandemic.

The Trump campaign sued three counties that sent out roughly 13,000 absentee ballot request forms pre-filled with information.

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