Police dog finds lost toddler in rural Mason City, Iowa

(Mason City, IA) -- A Mason City Police dog's getting credit for tracking a lost toddler thru several acres of rough timber, nearly one mile from his grandparents' acreage, southeast of Mason City. The two year old boy and his grandparent's dog were reported missing yesterday (Wednesday) and were gone for about 90-minutes.

Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Kevin Pals says deputies were called around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, and searched the immediate area first, including several outbuildings on the acreage. They also called for a drone. He says Mason City handler Duane Kemna lives nearby and brought Kilo to help search for the toddler. Family members also went out on ATVs.

Police say Kilo picked up the boy's scent immediately, and pulled Officer Kemna thru timber, to a creek, and then onto another property, where the boy was found sitting on a cinder block near a home, with his grandparent's dog by his side. Police say the toddler had taken off his wet shoes and socks and coat. Sheriff Pals says when they found him, the boy was calm and content and seemed fine.

Officers reunited the toddler with his relieved and grateful family, who rushed him indoors to make sure he was okay and give him a warm lunch.

Mason City Police Chief Jeff Brinkley tells WHO Radio News Kilo, a purebred black German Shepherd has been with the department for just one year, but has built up a reliable reputation. The dog is most often used in drug investigations, this believed to be the first time she's found a lost child.

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