Iowa Reaching High Coronavirus Cases, Hospitalizations


DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa is reaching new highs for coronavirus hospitalizations.

At the state level, there's concern about hospital staffing, and locally there's concern about kids in school.

"We're watching workforce very carefully, so that's kind of something that we need to be very conscientious of, so they have the people to maintain the level of beds that they need to not only treat those Iowans with COVID, but also the Iowans that just need to utilize the hospitals."

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds speaking to KCRG-TV 9, says about 11% of hospitalizations are COVID-19 related.

Iowa reached a new record high for hospitalizations yesterday. The state ranks 10th in the nation for new cases per capita on a 14-day average, and 5th highest for new deaths.

Locally, the Des Moines School Board plans to meet this afternoon to talk about rising coronavirus cases in Polk County.

The county's 14-day positivity rate is over nine percent, which is nearly twice as high as the metric set by the school board for hybrid learning.

The school was the only district in the state to defy state law and start the school year 100% online, and just recently the school started bringing their lowest level students back.

Des Moines Public Schools planned to bring High School students back November 10th.

The meeting starts at 4:30 p.m. and will be live streamed on the Des Moines Public Schools YouTube page.

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