Nearly a dozen exotic birds found in filthy Des Moines house

(Des Moines, IA) -- The Animal Rescue League is caring for large, exotic birds found in this week in filthy conditions.

The Animal Rescue League says police found the birds in enclosures in a trash-filled Des Moines home yesterday (Tuesday).

The A-R-L says one cockatoo's beak was severely overgrown. Other birds have a variety of issues and are getting veterinary care.

Spokesman Joe Stanton says the prognosis for the birds is guarded, but it may take weeks for some of the issues to be resolved.

The Animal Rescue League currently has more than 500-animals it's main location available for adoption. That includes nearly 400 cats and kittens, and more 70-dogs. The ARL also has a number of animals currently in the organization's foster pet care program.

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