Iowa voters in line an hour, down the block and around the corner

Des Moines, IA -- Some early Iowa voters are waiting in line for 45 minutes, even an hour for their turn to vote. Early voting is seeing record numbers, and while other counties report shorter wait times, in Des Moines people are lined up down the block and down the corner.

One woman says she remembers waiting in line to vote in 2008, for the Barak Obama / John McCain Election, and says it was really cold then, too. She laughed and said she wore her warmest winter coat to vote early, today.

The Polk County Auditor, Jaimie Fitzgerald says they've been moving about 130 people through the election line per hour this week, and we estimated there were at least that many or more people moving slowly through the queue.

The downtown Des Moines voting location is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Monday November 2 for early (absentee) voting. On Election Day, November 3 voters must cast ballots at their assigned voting location.

CLICK HERE for the Iowa Secretary of State's polling finder to get your assigned voting location.

Photos by Wendy Wilde

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