Waukee School Board to Decide Fate of In-Person Classes

Waukee High School, Madeleine McCormick

WAUKEE, Iowa -- The coronavirus positivity rate in Dallas County is now over 11%, signaling one metro Des Moines school district to consider 100% virtual learning.

The Waukee School Board will meet tonight to determine the fate of in-person learning throughout the district.

Iowa is already breaking it's most recent records for coronavirus totals.

The state is 5th in the country for new COVID cases, and has fallen to 12th in death rates from the virus after being in the top ten for a couple of weeks.

Iowa is also reaching record hospitalizations, though state health leaders say 40% of the state's hospital beds are still available.

Iowa's increasing totals at the state and local level are prompting the Waukee school board to hold the emergency meeting.

In the first semester, the school has been holding classes either 100% in person or entirely online, there isn't an alternating A/B model like at some other metro Des Moines schools.

The school had planned a virtual community town hall this Thursday night where families and school board members could discuss the current successes and disparities in the return to learn plan before deciding what to do next semester.

The emergency meeting starts tonight at 6 p.m.

An up-to-date meeting agenda can be found here.

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