Des Moines hospitals stress COVID-19 prevention efforts as cases rise

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hospitals in the Des Moines metro area are asking everyone to do what they can to limit spread of COVID-19 as cases and hospitalizations continue to rise.

"We've got concerns--just like we did in the spring--about total numbers in hospitals, and overall medical supplies. We're hoping to avoid having to slow down surgeries at any point the future" says Polk County Medical Society President-Elect Dr. Jason Kruse.

He says it's all about mitigating the spread of the virus.

"Masks help prevent spread, staying separated from each other helps prevent spread. At work and at school, making sure people are maintaining that six feet of distance if they're going to have their masks off" Kruse says.

He says it's also important to get a flu shot.

"If we're already worried about having enough space or enough material to take of people who get very sick with a respiratory illness like coronavirus, we'd love to make sure that we have as few cases of the flu as possible to keep those from stacking up" Kruse says.

The Polk County Medical Society says metro Des Moines hospitals are caring for as many as 115 COVID-19 patients.

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