Des Moines Blank Park Zoo euthanizes Tuya the camel

(Des Moines, IA) -- The Blank Park Zoo says one of it's Bactrian camel's has died. The Zoo says Tuya was euthanized due to poor quality of life caused by progressing degenerative joint disease.

“Tuya had a condition that was causing her to be in constant pain. Multiple joints had cartilage that had worn away and had built-up fluid,” said Drew Gall, DVM, Blank Park Zoo veterinarian.

“As the oldest camel in our herd, Tuya served as the confident matriarch over the young camels and is missed by the herd and the keepers,” said Jordan Longtin, assistant supervisor of large mammals at Blank Park Zoo. Tuya was eight years old and had two offspring, and one grand offspring.

Four Bactrian camels remain at Blank Park Zoo: Ben, Happy, Jolly and Tootsie.

Blank Park Zoo’s Bactrian camel habitat is at the entrance of Blank Park Zoo and the camels in this habitat do not participate in the camel ride experience, which uses Dromedary (one-humped) camels.

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