Tickets From Cedar Rapids Traffic Cameras Down Since August Derecho

DES MOINES, Iowa - Tickets issued by Cedar Rapids’ traffic cameras have dropped since the August derecho.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports the total in August was less than half the monthly average after the storm damaged many of the cameras.

Most of those cameras were reactivated in early September, and all but two were operating by the end of the month.

The city operates nine traffic cameras, and most of its tickets are for speeding on Interstate 380.

The traffic cameras speeding tickets for violations of 12 miler per hour above the speed limit. Vehicles must be beyond the white line at an intercestion before a red light violation can be issued.

Cedar Rapids has four traffic cameras on I-380, and five cameras on city streets.

The Gazette reports the city has seen a downward trend in the citation numbers since the cameras were reactivated in 2019 after legal disputes.

The traffic camera citations generate millions of dollars every year for the city.

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