Cedar Rapids, Iowa City School Districts Moving to Online Only Classes

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Both the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City school districts are moving to online only classes.

Cedar Rapids is making the changes Thursday, while Iowa City starts online classes Monday.

Both districts have asked the state for a waiver to scrap in-person classes for two weeks.

They're within counties - Linn and Johnson counties - with COVID-19 positivity rates high enough to apply for online only learning.

The Iowa City district was informed Tuesday that it has been granted permission to conduct the online classes, while the Cedar Rapids district is still waiting for a response from the state.

The school board in Cedar Rapids has acknowledged its decision to move online is contingent on approval from the Iowa Department of Education.

The department this week streamlined the process for the transition. Districts are now allowed to conduct online only classes for 48-hours while waiting for approval. Schools conducting all in-person classes can now move to online only classes for five days without approval.

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