CDC Data Shows Iowa Has By Far The Most Flu-Related Illness in Country

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - A report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows Iowa has far and away the most flu-related illnesses in the country.

The report shows Iowa with a "very high" level of Influenza-Like Illness (ILI), while the next closest state, North Dakota, has a "low level." Most states have the even lower "minimal level" of ILI.

The percentage of doctor visits for flu-like conditions in Iowa is also nearly four times the national average (5.69% vs. 1,5%).

The Iowa Health Department says the increase in visits is due to COVID-19, according to reporting from counties. “However, the sites and/or counties reporting high ILI are reporting the vast majority of illness is due to COVID-19,” a report from the Iowa Department of Public Health says.

The weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report from the CDC is for week 45, ending November 7th.

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