ISU offering students COVID-19 tests before semester's end

AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University is ending its fall semester next week by providing free COVID-19 tests to students who may be leaving Ames for the extended break...

"That's important as our students prepare to potentially leave campus and spend time with their families. A lot of individuals families are likely at higher risk for COVID-19 due to age or other protentional health conditions" says ISU COVID-19 Public Health Coordinator Dr. Kristen Obbink.

She says students need to remember that just because they test negative once doesn't mean they will continue to be COVID-free.

Obbink says they also asking students who go home during the semester break also need to practice mitigation strategies--including quarantining for 14 days after they get home, and staying close to home for the duration of the extended break.

"The more careful students are to come into contact with the fewer number of people possible reduces their risk" Obbink says.

Iowa State's fall semester ends November 25th. The spring semester starts January 25th.

Obbink says the university is still trying to determine whether or not students who live on campus will be tested for the virus when the come back to Ames, as happened when the school year started.

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