Iowa back to normal after a summery blast, weather for Thanksgiving?

Photo by Wendy Wilde

Des Moines, IA -- After a one-day blast of summer, the weather's getting back to normal this weekend.

"When I say normal, we all know that in Iowa normal is just a middle ground of extremes, on average." National Weather Service Meteorologist Cory Martin says.

"Just had some nice south winds bringing us some warm weather yesterday, and then, back to normal." He said.

As for Thanksgiving next week, Martin says it will be much the same as this weekend. Normal.

"Right now the forecast is looking dry, highs in the 40s, maybe cracking the low 50s. Not much to talk on the weather front for Thanksgiving, which I think most people would say is a good thing." Martin said.

Photo: Sunrise over Des Moines, Iowa Friday morning.

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