Iowa Covid cases and hospitalizations dropping after weeks of record highs

Iowa Department of Public Health Hospitalizations November 23, 2020

Des Moines, Iowa -- Iowa now drops to seventh highest for new Covid cases in the United States down from several weeks at third highest, ranked by the New York Times using data from Johns Hopkins University Covid tracking project.

The charts there show new Covid cases have fallen every day since peaking in Iowa on November 13.

There's more good news in new numbers posted this morning from the Iowa Department of Public Health. Covid hospitalizations are now down for a fourth day in a row, after several weeks of new daily records through most of November.

Covid rates are still high, but are falling. Deaths are dropping, too. New charts from the Iowa Department of Public health, below, show the downward trend in both numbers.

Iowa Department of Public Health case and death data November 23, 2020

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