Scott County Auditor Thinks Iowa Congressional Race Will be Contested

DAVENPORT, Iowa - The tightest federal race in the country from the November 3rd election appears to now be even tighter.

The unofficial vote total in the southeastern Iowa Congressional race, District 2, is down to eight votes.

Democrat Rita Hart cut into Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks slim lead after recounts were finished in Scott and Jasper counties.

According to KWQC-TV, Hart picked up 26 votes in Scott County while Miller-Meeks lost a vote in the final tally from Jasper County.

That shaves 27 votes from Miller-Meeks lead of 35 votes, leaving the eight vote margin.

The official vote total on the secretary of state's website has Miller-Meeks leading by 34 votes as of Thursday morning, down one from 35 overnight.

Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz told KWQC that she believes there's a 95 percent chance that the race will move to a contest.

According to Moritz, if the race is "contested" by either campaign, the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court and four district court judges would then determine how to proceed.

Clinton County is the only county in the district that still hasn't finalized its recount.

More clarification could come Monday at 3 p.m. when Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is required to certify results from the November 3rd election.

The secretary's website say the winner in an official tie race would be determined by picking a number out of a hat.

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