New Software Causing Problems for Contact Tracing in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa's new contact tracing software is plagued with numerous problems.

The Gazette reports the problems include crashes, lag time entering records and issues that block local health departments from using volunteers.

The biggest problem is the length of time required for contact tracers to enter information into the system.

According to the Gazette, it take 10 to 30 seconds to enter each new data point, and tracers have to toggle between modules for different parts of the contact interview.

The new software was installed earlier in November at the height of the state's massive surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and outbreaks at nursing homes and prisons.

The state contracted with DOMO, a Utah-based company, to create the new software. The Gazette reports DOMO is among the firms in a $26 million no-bid contract to develop the Test Iowa program.

Governor Kim Reynolds used $26 million in federal CARES Act money to finance Test Iowa.

Congress allocated $1.25 billion to the state as part of the CARES Act, which was passed in March.

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