Grassley Would Preside Over Electoral College Process in Absence of Pence

Chuck Grassley

(Washington, D.C.) - Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley is ready to preside over Wednesday's Electoral College certification in Congress if necessary.

Grassley is the Senate's President Pro Tem, and would preside over the event if Vice President Mike Pence cannot be there.

Pence has been under pressure to side with a group of fellow Republicans who oppose the certification of Joe Biden as President.

At least 12 senators and up to 140 House members have indicated they will object to certifying the Electoral College results.

Pence has been urged to overturn those results, although it's not clear what he could do as he does not have unilateral power to affect the outcome of the proceedings.

Grassley's office told Roll Call that they have every indication Pence will preside over the joint session of Congress. Grassley would assume the role in Pence's absence as the longest-serving senator in the majority party in the Senate.

The Electoral College gave Democratic President- elect Joe Biden 306 votes to 232 for President Donald Trump.

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