Eastern Iowa Airport Has New COVID-19 Screening Program

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- The Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids is launching a COVID-19 screening program for passengers.

The 10-second screening consists of several questions and a temperature check, with additional attention for people at risk for the virus.

The pre-flight screening will be required for all passengers as well as employees who work beyond the security checkpoint.

It starts next Monday after being delayed while waiting for an OK from the Federal Aviation Administration. It was originally unveiled in July 2020.

The screening program, which is known as “Travel Well” is with Mercy Medical Center and MercyCare Business Health Solutions.

Those who do not have a temperature, recent positive COVID-19 exposure, or outward signs of health concerns will move onto the TSA screening checkpoint.

People who present health concerns such as a temperature above 100.4 degrees F and/or a recent COVID-19 exposure, will be directed to secondary screening in a private room.

“The Travel Well program will provide an efficient approach to screening passengers and employees,” said Eastern Iowa Airport Director Marty Lenss.

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