Biden to roll back Trump policies. Will we be talking about that in 2024?

Today in the White House, new President Joe Biden will sign 17 Executive Orders - all of them rolling back Trump policies.

He will remove all funding for the border wall; he will revoke Trump's previous order regarding aggressive immigration enforcement; he will reverse a travel ban that was erroneously described as a Muslim ban. Countries on that list include North Korea, Venezuela, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libya and just last year was further expanded by six other countries; Biden will also reverse a Trump order regarding the Census.

President Trump wanted to make sure that Congressional Representation was based on American citizens only. Biden will go back to the previous system and count illegal aliens when figuring out how many US House Reps each State will get.

Biden will also rejoin the Paris global warming agreement and he will revoke permission for the Keystone XL pipeline - an immediate loss of thousands of American jobs. There are others too.

Some of these policies are ones that led to President Trump being elected. Do you think these actions today will have an effect on the 2024 election?

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